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A series of mini-video-clips, to help in-car instruction and/or at-home understanding.

Otherwise, scroll down for some slightly longer,
but tremendously enjoyable, videos!

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 steering wheel logo
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A complete video tutorial, to help you to develop a totally-relaxed steering style, making correct implementation of MSM a breeze!
Many aspiring Instructors seem to think that steering has to be "shuffly" and, frankly, "nerdy" in order to be somehow 'correct'.
Once their trainees have "passed the Test", they're left with nothing, and so imitate the worst of what they see in other "qualified" drivers....
See how wrong they all are ...... then watch, as a minimum, the whole of the next video!

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A video of various New-Driver Trainees and their Tutor during the trainees' driver-training.
Note how early on in their driving course they all are ;
good habits can [and should] easily be instilled from Day 1.

My driving, at the start, is being filmed by David for me, who becomes the first-filmed New Driver after my demo. You'll see how he copies me....
His own 'stand-alone' video-footage is next on the Menu, so you can cut out me!....


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A non-'rehearsed' filmed demo of a New-Driver Trainee.

All Trainees have the potential to be as good.
Meet David....

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Another non-'rehearsed', short, filmed demo of a non-nerdy, relaxed, highly competent New-Driver Trainee.
Meet Matt....

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Another non-'rehearsed', short, filmed demo of a relaxed, highly-talented New-Driver Trainee.
Meet Josh....

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 defensive clothing!
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A video showing the importance of having a planned strategy, particularly for bends and parked cars, during every-day driving.
Here, at one point, Joe Public provides a nice non-rigged demo for us of why the skill of planning is vital!
Meet Greg....
[Prompted tuition of another typically-talented Trainee on his sixth lesson!]

.mp4 format
 Austin 7
.mp4 format
Approaching and Emerging at older "Victorian" streets, not designed for motor-vehicles - a crucial skill to develop.
Dealing with junctions on more modern housing-estates is relatively easy in comparison, but fluency in dealing with these 'closed-to-view' junctions calls for greater steering and positional skills.
Meet John....

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Virtually unprompted country-road tuition with a Trainee whose test-date was about ten days away :
the pupil is driving himself home after a training session in town.
Meet Chris....
It came as no surprise to me that he passed his test at the first attempt : relaxed, vigilant, self-assured driving like this merely needs validating by the DVSA.

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 steering wheel logo
.mp4 format
An in-car video-drive - from 2 Jan 2001 !! - showing planning ahead by reading the 'clues' along the way.
I've got way better in the 21 intervening years! 😊
Much of the time, I managed to remember to use my now‑preferred technique of "I'm going to do this...., because......"
This will then effortlessly become instructional talk-through : "Do this...., because......".

Click/Touch this link for the original, less-memory-hungry  .wmv  file!


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GR flag
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It's crucial to get 'expert' at dealing with MEETING situations and confdence in accurate clearance.

Here's me, in Greece in my LHD hire car, practising what I preach... thank goodness!
I make a mistake, get a scrape, and it's €1200 excess on the insurance!

Dealing with Meeting situations - especially conceding YOUR priority to someone 'barging' through a gap - allowing the correct clearance for your speed are *crucial* pre-L-Test skill to be pretty much expert at, all while thinking : "when in doubt, hold back!"

You see, you CAN'T take your time honing these skills once you've got your full licence.
You'll have already lost a few electrically‑heated door‑mirrors and gained a few door‑scrapes while "getting better".
Try getting insured again after clocking up more than 1 of these claims [yours and the 3rd Party's!]
Yes, you can "get better" at handling 60-->70mph [DVSA look for something over about 55mph on test for dual‑carriageway work; they don't expect every candidate to be super‑confident at 70].
It's only the GCSE of driving 'examinations' after all!!
You can take the 'A' Level test after 6 months, having passed your L‑test.

As always, it's very easy to be ahead of the common herd, if you get excellent initial training. 😊

   • Posted : 30th June 2024  New!

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.mp4 format
Some clues as to how to develop a Parallel Park style.
 Bay Park
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 steering wheel logo
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A neat way of achieving a Bay Park [Left] when - or if - instructed to by your Examiner.
 1 ASH

Click the Ash Tree for a mini-menu!

 1 ASH
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The so-called 'One Ash Roundabout'  [near Loughborough] seems to hold difficulties for New Drivers especially - and yields plenty of questions from Instructors seeking guidance over teaching correct procedure.

Here is a mini-menu for three short clips showing the correct path to take for the designated exits from two entry points, as the Menu makes clear.

Click either Ash Tree!

 Blue Light
From my good friend and ADI colleague
Dave Hall
comes this very informative short video

.mp4 format

 Plain goofy!
Click either 'logo' to play the video
.mp4 format

Again, it's those full licence holders [FLHs] who don't keep up their knowledge and skills!

Here's Dave, on a lesson, instantly using a 'live' situation involving an ambulance coming up on their tail to instruct how to help the blue‑light driver.

Note the dithering FLH in the dark blue AUDI, who apparently has no idea of which lane to use so as to help the ambulance driver get on his way!

Talked-through, and in
.mp4 format

Click the green 'lozenge' for a new full-sized pop-up window

.mp4 format
Click the roundabout for a smaller pop-up-window
One of the major problems with instruction that I've noticed whilst appraising PDIs/ADIs is that too many are taking their pupils on to Roundabouts way too early in those pupils' "driving lives".
These New Drivers clearly aren't yet up to taking a required gear in a nano-second, to braking fluently and securely from 'higher' speeds, "looking and assessing" assuredly, when they're in the correct position and at the correct speed - MS >> PS then >> LADA.
All these skills should have been trained during Junction lessons before making the poor pupil dribble up to a roundabout [holding traffic up], taking 2nd! way too early [thereby Deciding before Looking and Assessing what to do.
If you don't like what you see here, and think it seems somehow 'eccentric', then you've got to tell me why my Supervising Examiners thoroughly approve of it, as did my Cardington Examiner Trainers in 2003, and why all my pupils were completely confident handling traffic islands correctly as L-Trainees, as are they still now as Full Licence Holders!
Open your minds, folks!
"Roundabouts" wasn't a 'Part 3' topic, and so most ADIs have had to faff around trying to work out what to teach and how to do so : sadly, poor candidate performance at them is a major source of concern for Examiners.

Commentated, and in
.mp4 format

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 Commentate Click the 'commentator' above for a smaller pop‑up window
in .mp4 format
Me, driving and commentating on planning for spiral roundabouts and the associated junction-work in between.

[Filmed by a former Trainee, in exchange for a free, post-L-test M1 experience, and a 'through-Leicester-city' drive, then back to Loughborough!]

.mp4 format
 Stop it!
Click the 'logo' above for a smaller pop‑up window
.mp4 format
Many full licence holders [FLHs] start inventing their own pet ways of doing things - usually the older drivers, but certainly not exclusively so.
eg "I just hold the car at junctions and in queues on the footbrake; it tells other drivers I'm definitely stopped..." - Yeah, and dazzles the driver[s] behind at dusk, night, and dawn...
eg "If someone's tailgating, I just 'bip' the brakelights every so often to warn them off...."  - these guys have never heard of "Crying Wolf!"...

This video clip shows another "personal preference" which good drivers have to put up with.... and suffer from the consequences.

Highway Code Rule 151
In slow moving traffic, you should :
• reduce the distance between you and the vehicle ahead to maintain traffic flow.


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