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*** Version : January 2020 ***

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"Excellence is a habit ... not a one-off performance."

Welcome, and thanks for having found !

The aim of my site is not only to offer Practical Training, but also to provide some advice and ideas for the continued development of new - and not so new - ADIs, and also to offer some unbiased help to PDIs - especially those not on a Trainee Licence - in the run-up to their DVSA Part 3 Test.

Any notes, suggestions, advice, videos etc. appearing on the site are purely the ideas and personal thoughts of the author, graham campbell, and are therefore subject to intellectual copyright.

They do not purport, however, in any way to dictate a uniquely "correct" way of doing things, either from the DVSA's point of view, or from my own.

As with all advice, it should be mulled over, and rejected or accepted as the reader sees fit,
but bearing in mind the DVSA qualfications of the author [scroll down], don't reject too much!

"Many thanks for your time today!
It's nice to think there's someone around with your experience to give the help I need."

a grateful PDI. [by email] - February 2020

"Thank you very much for your advice
It's always a pleasure to meet you and in the simplest way, you make problems disappear."

S.N. [by email] - October 2019

"46/51 [Grade A]!  - Couldn't have done it without you, your feedback, your notes, your Blog!
Can't thank you enough."

P.B. [by email] - August 2018

"Pleased to say that with your wealth of knowledge and help, I was successful and passed my Standards Check today, and was fortunate enough to get Grade 'A'.
Thank you for your help. Best regards."

M.B. - [by email]

"It was great to meet you yesterday.
I really enjoyed our conversation and I left feeling uplifted...
You´re an inspiration!"

J.K. - [by email]

"I really liked your style of teaching, and wish I had found you before going through the months of anguish [prior to my Standards Check]."
Sue - [by text]

"Lovely to see you again after all these years, Graham, and thanks so much for such an inspirational chat and session. You've lost none of your magic and you are the best!"
J.B. - [by email]

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Graham D Campbell - BA [Hons] / PGCE [Leicr] / DVSA ADI [Car]  Grade 6 (1998-2018)  / MMSA / former-MIAM
• DVSA Examiners' Training Course at Cardington - May 2003
DVSA/ORDIT-registered Trainer of Instructors - at Parts 1, 2 and 3 : from 1999 to 2011
• Holder of the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A
• DVSA-approved Trainer of Hazard Perception - from February 2005
• January 2004 - awarded "The Instructor College Prize" in Recognition of his Contribution to Training during 2003
• September 2006 - again awarded "The Instructor College Prize" in Recognition of his Contribution to Training during 2006
• Holder of the NVQ Assessors' Award at Level 3 with Edexcel
• Awarded "The Frank Gamble Trophy" as IAM's Most Successful Advanced Driver Trainer - Leics."
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