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As with Teachers and Lecturers, ADIs have to undergo their sort of "OFSTED Inspection"  every few years.

From 7th April 2014, a new "Standards Check" on ADIs started, and with it came a new Grading System for Instructors.
The previous 6-grade system of the former  "Check Test"  has been replaced by a 3-grade assessment.

Before April 2014, following an Inspection  Grades 1 to 3  were unacceptable, and  Grades 4 to 6  acceptable.

From December 2012 come the following figures - based on over 45,000 ADIs at their last Check Test.

Grade 6. Very Good - 2,950 ADIs - [ 6.5% ]
The highest standard with no significant weaknesses.

Grade 5. Good - 16,793 ADIs - [ 37% ]
Only minor deficiencies.

Grade 4. Adequate - 24,963 ADIs - [ 55% ]
Some shortcomings that need attention.

Grade 3. Inadequate - c.363 ADIs - [ 0.8% ]
Unacceptable shortcomings in technique and/or behaviour.

Grade 2. Poor - 45 ADIs - [ 0.1% ]
Numerous deficiencies such as inaccuracies, errors, serious omissions and/or faults in manner.

Grade 1. Bad - 0 ADIs - [ 0.0% ]
Instruction was grossly wrong, potentially or actually dangerous and/or serious shortcomings in attitude and approach.

Back to today...!

Unlike with GCSE and A-Levels - where it was necessary to highlight the very best candidates by creating an A* grade to help Employers and Universities - the newly-formed 'DVSA' decided to "simplify" the new labels ...  by reducing the number of differentiations, whilst maintaining that this will help Parents and Pupils to decide who are the "best"  Instructors"!

In the months and years ahead, as ADIs are recalled for their quasi-"OFSTED" Check, the public will only know whether they're :
Grade 'A' [High Standard]Grade 'B' [Competent enough]  or   FAILED - awaiting another Check

During a "Standards Check" an ADI is scored on 17 Areas of Competence, each Area being scored to a maximum of 3 points - the maximum possible being, therefore, 51/51.

An ADI scoring between  43 and 51  will get their  Grade 'A' [High Standard].
Those scoring  31 to 42  get their Grade 'B' [Competent enough]
Those achieving  less than 31  are deemed to have FAILED.

For a little more information from the DVSA on the Scoring of the Standards Check click this link.

For better public information, Educational Establishments and their Staff are rated  : 'Outstanding'   /  'Good'   /  'Satisfactory, but Requires Improvement'   and  'Inadequate'.

In my opinion, ADI Grades are now 'dumbed-down' so that parents or potential trainees can no longer see who are the   'Outstanding' Trainers; but, of course, so-called "élitism" is such a dirty word among the general public [and public bodies] now!
God forbid that those who train our youngsters to stay alive on the roads should be the very best; so long as they're appraised as being of a 'high standard' or 'competent enough'.

Who,  would you hope though, is out there   training the Instructors   to be of a 'Good Standard'?
The 'Good', the 'OK' or the 'Outstanding'?!

Always ask your Instructor which Grade they are,
and ask to see proof - the Marksheet from their last Check Test,
or their SC1 Mark Sheet from a recent "Standards Check".

The Grade isn't shown on their "Green Badge" in the windscreen, because a permit is valid for 4 years, and the holder's Grade may change during that time, either up or down, depending on the result of an intervening Standards Check.

Safe and successful driving and teaching.

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